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The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Buying Used Nissan Vehicles in San Diego

Whether you’re shopping for a versatile SUV like the Nissan Rogue, a high-efficiency EV like the LEAF, or a powerful TITAN truck, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Nissan. Of course, the company also offers a broad selection of family sedans plus a minivan and high-powered sports cars so you can make our Nissan showroom a one-stop shop — online or in-person — for your next pre-owned vehicle.

Why Buy a Used Nissan?

Nobody likes to waste money, and you don’t have to when you purchase a pre-owned Nissan. Instead, these used vehicles are generally priced lower than their brand-new counterparts, and a big part of that has to do with depreciation. When you buy a used vehicle, it’s the first owner who takes the biggest hit because new vehicles tend to lose the most value in their first year on the road. Then, since insurance costs are based on a car’s value, the lower price of a pre-owned vehicle usually leads to lower premiums. The flip side to this is that you’re getting more bang for your buck at the same time: You enjoy the same great features as a new-car owner, you just pay less to enjoy them.

True, it’s still a good idea to take into account a pre-owned vehicle’s past life, yet that’s pretty easy to do nowadays since used-vehicle history reports are simple to come by. Another way to enjoy added peace of mind is to shop our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles that undergo a comprehensive inspection process and feature extra warranty coverage. To check out our entire stock of used Nissans, just click here!

Nissan Technology Highlights

Technology is very important to today’s drivers, so Nissan supplies key features to keep you both connected and protected. That means when you’re looking for your used Nissan, you can look forward to tech benefits including the following. (Note: Exact features vary by model.)

  • Screen-friendly cabins with Interactive Drive Displays and smart touchscreens to support Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth
  • Head-up displays that project vehicle information on the inside of the front windshield, so it’s right in your line of sight
  • Advanced driver-assistance measures such as automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and Predictive Forward Collision Warning that can monitor not only the vehicle in front of you, but also the one in front of that
  • ProPILOT Assist for semi-autonomous driving on certain roads
  • Wireless charging so you don’t have to worry about your phone’s batteries
  • A digital rearview mirror that relies on a camera mounted outside the vehicle for enhanced visibility
  • Welcome rear-seat entertainment systems to help keep the kids happy

Purchasing a Used Nissan

Finding just the pre-owned Nissan to meet your demands may require some homework. After all, we have so many great options available. Take some time to think about things like how many people will be riding in the vehicle with you, whether you’ll be using it to commute, and if you need the added strength of an SUV or truck before you decide. And here’s additional information about the Nissan lineup to help:

  • A pioneer among popular EVs, the Nissan LEAF is a versatile hatchback that can have an all-electric range of nearly 226miles on a single charge and can return about 123MPGe in the city.
  • The compact Nissan Rogue is the leader of a whole family of dynamic crossover-style SUVs that combine impressive everyday capability and eye-catching designs. For the same benefits in different-sized packages check out the Nissan Rogue Sport, Kicks, Juke, and Pathfinder.
  • For bold body-on-frame performance in an SUV with strong towing capability, the Nissan Armada is ready to roll.
  • The Nissan Frontier and TITAN are the brand’s rugged trucks, complete with the toughness you need for trail action and full-size towing.
  • Driving enthusiasts should definitely explore the Nissan 350Z team that serves up amazing rear-wheel-drive performance, available convertible models, and high-performance tuning from the brand’s NISMO motorsport department.
  • With the Nissan Versa, Sentra, Altima, and Maxima, the company shows it still puts a strong focus on sophisticated cars, too.
  • The Nissan Quest meets the needs of minivan shoppers with standout design and plenty of family-friendly cabin space.

A Brief History of Nissan

The company now known as Nissan traces its heritage back to 1911 with the founding of the Kwaishinsha Motor Car Co. that went through a number of corporate owners and names until it became part of the Tobata Casting Co. in 1931. When the Nihon Sangyo Co. became the top investor in the business conglomerate, the group was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, in 1933, using the first few letters of Nihon and Sangyo: NISSAN.

Nissan introduced Japan’s first mass-produced car in 1937 and entered the U.S. market with the Datsun brand name in 1957. (The “DAT” came from the first letters of the last names of three of the company’s early leaders.) Although responsible for classics like the original Z cars, the Datsun brand was phased out in 1986, and Nissan hasn’t looked back since!

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