If you’re searching for a pre-owned luxury vehicle, you’ll probably get steered toward the typical foreign names. That can be fine, of course, but savvy buyers — and the consultants at Miramar Car Center — know that Cadillac should be on your shopping list as well. The Cadillac brand offers world-class cars and SUVs with incredible performance, comfort, and technology. Our team knows all about them, too, so we’re able to help you find the one that best fits your needs. We can even offer a comprehensive online shopping experience, complete with virtual vehicle demos, if you prefer. Contact us today and you can experience our superior customer service for yourself.


The newest Cadillacs are undoubtedly fine machines, but like most high-end cars — and most cars in general — they’re still subject to depreciation. In fact, the typical brand-new car loses 20% to 30% of its value due to depreciation in only its first year on the road. If you hold on to that same vehicle for five years, you can expect it to depreciate by about 60% in total. The good news is that depreciation can look more like a discount when you’re on the buying side of the equation. It’s not the only one, either. Since used cars tend to have a lower value than new ones, and car insurance is usually based on value, you’ll usually pay less for insurance with a pre-owned vehicle (as compared to insuring that vehicle when it was new). Cadillac’s excellent portfolio of pre-owned models also includes great choices that aren’t being manufactured today, including the award-winning CTS sedan. In all cases, you can rest easy knowing that Miramar Car Center strives to only offer the highest-quality used Cadillac Cars and SUVs. We encourage you to put us to the test with an easy-to-get used-car vehicle history report that can show important information about a car’s past service records, let you know if it’s been in an accident, and more.

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Cadillac is used to setting standards for the world, so you can look forward to pre-owned models with some of the industry’s highest levels of comfort, technology, and performance. And since the company continues to debut high-tech innovations on new models, that same equipment will soon be on its way to the used marketplace. (Note: Exact features vary by model and year.)

  • Advanced driver-assistance is an important focus in used Cadillacs and is highlighted by adaptive cruise control, front/rear automatic braking, blind-spot monitoring, and the incredible Super Cruise technology for true hands-free travel.
  • The Cadillac User Experience (CUE) system anchors the brand’s infotainment tech and can support wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay as well as Bluetooth and WiFi compatibility.
  • Cadillac’s increasingly screen-focused cabins can boast up to 38 inches of total diagonal display area.
  • Digital driver displays, Night Vision and head-up displays showcase additional eye-friendly advantages that can be complemented by augmented reality overlays for full-color navigation systems.
  • Back-seat passengers can relax with high-tech rear media systems boasting dual 12.6-inch screens plus streaming capability.
  • Heated/ventilated massage-function seats, genuine wood, and amazing AKG audio systems with up to 36 speakers are a further sample of Cadillac’s ultra-lux amenities.


You expect a high-end shopping experience when you’re buying a high-end Cadillac, and Miramar Car Center delivers with low-stress financing and a hassle-free approach to paperwork. If you’d like, we can even arrange to deliver your pre-owned Cadillac right to your driveway for additional convenience. For up-to-date inventory, be sure to check with us often, because we frequently update our stock of pre-owned Cadillacs for sale. A few of our favorites are listed below.

  • The brand’s carefully crafted crossover-style SUVs, including the XT4, XT5, and XT6 can serve up increasingly large cabins that are combined with advanced capability and smart technology for your next modern adventure.
  • Still flaunting robust body-on-frame construction, the iconic Cadillac Escalade and extended-length Escalade ESV are well-known for adding ultra-lux accommodations to true SUV strength and performance.
  • Standout luxury sport sedans such as the Cadillac CT4, CT5, and CT6 are ready to run with the best the competition has to offer — but backed by an exclusive Cadillac vibe you won’t forget.
  • V, V-Series, and Blackwing models can kick Cadillac comfort into overdrive with supercharged engines that serve up supercar performance.
  • Be on the lookout for not only the CTS sedan, but also the CTS coupe/station wagon, the ATS coupe/sedan, and other compelling pre-owned Cadillacs from previous generations.


Cadillac actually owes its founding to Henry Ford. Looking to unload assets from one of his companies following conflicts with investors, Ford asked engineer/entrepreneur Henry Leyland for an appraisal. Instead, Leyland used his own engine and Ford’s old factory to go into the automaking business himself. The resulting company, named for the founder of Detroit (Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac), debuted in 1902. Early industry consolidation saw General Motors buy Cadillac in 1909, and GM continues to be Cadillac’s parent company today. Along the way, Cadillac helped popularize standardized parts and mass production, introduced the first fully enclosed car, developed the first electric starter and shatterproof glass, and launched some of this country’s favorite luxury vehicles — including the pre-owned models at Miramar Car Center.

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