Just like BMW is committed to building the Ultimate Driving Machine, Miramar Car Center is dedicated to providing the Ultimate Used-car Shopping Experience. That said, it all starts with you, since you can get the ball rolling either by coming to see us in person or by taking an online tour of our inventory, complete with the option of a virtual vehicle demo using Facetime. Find your favorite and we’ll help arrange no-hassle financing and then even deliver it right to your home! At MCC, we’re here to help.


For many drivers, purchasing a pre-owned BMW can be a great way to enjoy more luxury and performance for less money. That’s because almost any brand-new car — including from the most prestigious names — is still subject to depreciation. As a result, the typical new vehicle starts losing value as soon as it's driven off the lot, and its value keeps falling as the years go by. The result is that most new cars are only worth 40% of their original value after five years on the road. Of course, as the car’s value falls, so does its purchase price and, usually, its insurance costs.

You can also shop with confidence knowing Miramar Car Center is committed to offering the highest-quality pre-owned vehicles, and you can feel free to check that out for yourself with a used-car history report that can tell you more about a used BMW’s past owners, past service records, and any past accidents.

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You expect world-class features from a world-class automaker like BMW, and the company’s pre-owned models more than deliver. They can serve up a compelling range of intuitive and easy-to-use equipment for high-end infotainment, advanced driver-assistance systems, and lavish comfort. (Note: Exact features vary by model and year.)

  • BMW can safeguard your every move with intelligent safety technologies like automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane- keeping assistance, blind-spot monitoring, and more.
  • To stay connected as you go, you can rely on WiFi compatibility, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and large touchscreens. For next-level convenience, Gesture Control can handle key functions with no touching at all.
  • Digital instrument panels can put more information right in your line of sight to help you keep your eyes on the road.
  • BMW cabins are richly crafted with careful attention to details and authentic materials such as high-grade leather, real wood and genuine carbon fiber trim.
  • For throne-like luxury behind the wheel, there are heated/ventilated seats that can pamper you with refreshing massage functionality.
  • Earth-shaking audio awaits with incredible Bowers & Wilkins audio systems backed by 1,400 watts of power.
  • A modern approach to stunning performance comes courtesy of BMW’s sophisticated powertrain technology.
  • The Panoramic Sky Lounge roof is embedded with thousands of LED lighting elements to create an amazing starry-night effect for passengers.


The athletically inclined BMW lineup includes cars and SUVs for a variety of preferences and budgets, and our consultants are eager to help you with the information you need to find the best fit. Notably, that includes finding the right financing program based on our strong relationships with local lenders.

  • BMW makes matters easier by using numerical names that start with the 1 and 2 Series cars as well as the X1 and X2 SUVs. All showcase the brand’s signature driving thrills in more affordable packages.
  • With the 3 and 4 Series, and their X3 and X4 counterparts, you’ll enjoy added size, power, and elegance that elevates every ride.
  • From the 5 Series and X5 on up, BMW treats you to increasing levels of luxury and performance that are highlighted by the unrivalled 7 Series flagship sedan and the three-row X7 SUV.
  • Roadsters such as the BMW Z3 and Z4 raise the bar with expressive drop-top designs and dynamic handling.
  • For track-ready performance that’s just as enjoyable in daily driving, BMW’s M motorsports division supplies upgrades and exclusive models across the lineup.
  • BMW’s i models show the brand’s path toward an electrified future with choices like the compact i3, offering both EV and plug-in hybrid setups, and i8 plug-in supercar.


The company we now know as BMW began life building airplane engines and took its current name, Bayerische Motoren Werke, in 1922. (As for the name itself, it simply means the Bavarian Motor Works.) BMW soon expanded its business to also build motorcycle engines, and in the late 1920s, it began building its own cars under license from the British automaker Austin. After being interrupted by World War II, the company restarted its assembly lines in 1948 for motorcycles and in 1952 for cars.

The modern BMW story starts in the 1960s with the launch of the company’s “New Class” models that soon gained a world-wide reputation for quality and performance. With the debut of the original BMW 5 Series in 1972, the brand moved into high gear and hasn’t looked back. It’s also worth noting that BMW began building cars in the United States in 1994, allowing you to enjoy a measure of homegrown high performance.

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